liquid wax seal


Liquid wax seal

This option is for those who just want a quick wax over the vehicle whether its to just give that bit of extra shine or even to top up a previous wax package you may have had. The wax used has a very high carnauba wax percentage so you are guaranteed a good shine.

  • iron and tar contamination ¬†removed using iron out and tar spot remover
  • wheels and arches cleaned using a citrus grime remover from auto finesse
  • vehicle rinsed to remove loose dirt
  • door and boot shuts are then sprayed with a safe degreaser to remove any dirt
  • ph neutral snow foam pre-wash
  • rinsed
  • vehicle washed using shampoo in a lance along with a clean bucket of water and a microfibre wash mitt
  • rinsed
  • vehicle dried using a soft plush microfibre drying towel
  • the vehicle receives a coating of auto finesse glaze to help visual enhancement
  • glaze gets buffed off
  • coat of wax gets hand buffed on
  • wax gets buffed off leaving the vehicle protected for 2-3 months
  • a final wipe down with auto finesse quick detailer

The final price for this service will be agreed upon once a vehicle inspection has been carried out

The usual price for this package from £50

Prices are vehicle size dependant