Convertible Cleaner


Convertible cleaner and re-waterproofing seal this is the ultimate care for your soft top coverable

Even if you have a brand new car the material top may not be waterproof so with this package you can be sure that your coverable top won’t go green. Maybe its already green and you want it back like new again well that not a problem see below and you can see the stages involved

  • The material gets a soft pre-wash with warm water to loosen up the surface dirt
  • The soft top is then heavily saturated in a special soft top cleaner
  • The cleaner gets scrubbed into the material
  • Left to soak
  • Rinsed out with a light amount of water pressure
  • These processes are repeated until the material is completely clear of dirt and debris
  • The material left to dry but still moist
  • The protector is now applied with a light mist
  • Gently brushed in until complete coverage has been achieved
  • wheels cleaned with wheel safe ph neutral cleaners and various soft brushes
  • iron and tar contamination safely removed using chemicals
  • wheels and arches cleaned using verso APC
  • vehicle rinsed to remove loose dirt
  • door and boot shuts soaked in APC
  • snow foam pre-wash
  • delicate areas such and badges cleaned with detailing brushes
  • rinsed
  • vehicle washed using safe wash method and a microfibre wash mitt
  • rinsed
  • vehicle dried with air blowers and a plush microfiber towel

To finish:

  • a final wipe down with auto finesse quick detailer

The final price for this service will be agreed upon once a vehicle inspection has been carried out

contact us for more price information

Prices are vehicle size dependant