Caliper Restoration / Colour Change

Add a fresh look to your vehicle by getting your Brake Callipers or Brake hubs restored and freshened up with a fresh new colour of your choice, all colours are freshly mixed to your chosen paint code and all the paints we use are a 2K heat resistant paint giving you a long-lasting durable glossy finish.

where suitable a choice of emblems are available or for that finishing touch, you could even add your own text and font in a choice of colours to suit your needs.

All vehicles and all work come with a 1 Year Guarantee. All you need to do is choose your colour, book your car in and drop it off on your pre-booked slot.

Standard Colours Available 

Red / Blue / Yellow / Black / Silver / Gold / White 

Custom specific colour?

We can paint your callipers in any colour of your choice. all we need is the vehicle colour code of your chosen colour.

Price list

Front & rear hubs only – * from £80.00

Front Brake Callipers Painted – *From £99.00

Front & Rear Callipers Painted – *From £250.00

Front & Rear Callipers Painted + Front & Rear hubs – *From £350.00

Please note that all works are carried out on the car and no parts are removed form the vehicle to undertake this service other than the wheels. 

We strive to get 100% coverage but this isn’t always possible due to the nature of masking up and sometimes you will see original paint in hard to see places or when you are under the car. 

The new colours need 90 days of curing fully in this time its not advised to be using the brakes hard and getting them supper hot or taking them through high temp heat cycles average everyday driving will not cause any issues. we take no responsibility if we find this to be the case and its caused issues with the finished product.