The 6/9 month vehicle wax package from crystal clear polishing is crafted to give your vehicle a glossy wet finish that also protects for up to 6 months. new and older vehicles will benefit from this package visually and its very easy to maintain as the wax creates a hydrophobic coating that helps repel dirt and contaminants. this package comes with a guarantee of 6/9 months. Life of the wax is dependant on the sealant chosen price will vary dependant on the sealant.

The 6/9 month wax package consists of the steps below

  • wheels cleaned with a ph neutral wheel cleaner and soft brushes
  • iron and tar contamination  removed using iron out and tar spot remover
  • wheels and arches cleaned using a citrus grime remover from auto finesse
  • vehicle rinsed to remove loose dirt
  • door and boot shuts are then sprayed with a safe degreaser to remove any dirt
  • ph neutral snow foam pre-wash
  •  badges cleaned with a soft detailing brush
  • rinsed
  • vehicle washed using shampoo in a lance along with a clean bucket of water and a microfibre wash mitt
  • rinsed
  • iron and tar contamination removed from the bodywork using specialised products
  • vehicle clayed using soft detailing clay
  • final rinse to remove all chemical residue
  • vehicle dried using a soft plush microfibre drying towel
  • paintwork glazed with autofiness glaze to help give more depth to the paintwork
  • paintwork sealed using the sealant of choice
  • exhaust tips polished
  • wheel wax applied to wheel faces
  • durable gel dressing applied to exterior plastics and tyres
  • a final wipe down with auto finesse quick detailer

The final price for this service will be agreed upon once a vehicle inspection has been carried out

Prices are vehicle size dependant usual price £150