Full valet 

Prices from £65

  • Interior Vacuum
  • Seat rails cleaned
  • Dash & door cards cleaned, dusted and dressed
  • Removal of light marks / stains on seats, carpet
  • Interior air vents dusted 
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Leather cleaned
  • Light engine bay detail 
  • Screen wash topped up
  • APC prewash
  • Snow foam applied
  • Hand washed with microfibre wash mitt (2 buckets, 2 grit guards)
  • Wheel, arches and tyres thoroughly cleaned 
  • Microfibre Towel dried
  • Tar spots removed safely
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Hand polished
  • Tyres and exterior plastics dressed
  • Exterior windows cleaned



  •  power washed
  •  hand washed
  •  towel dry using an ultra plush microfibre drying towel
  •  wheels and tyres cleaned and dressed
  •  interior vacuum (boot not included)
  •  dash and door cards wiped over
  •  glass cleaned.


    From £35

    •  full vacuum of seats floors and boot
    • dash and centre consoles cleaned
    • dash and centre consoles treated
    • rubbish removed
    • floor mats restored
    • glass gets cleaned
    • vehicle deodorised
    • choice of pleasant non-invasive scent sprayed into the vehicle
    • paper mats placed in the vehicle to help stop immediate soiling
    • optional choice of fabric protection at an extra cost

    prices may vary dependant on size and condition of the vehicle



  • rinsed
  • Snow foam bathe
  • rinsed
  •  safe wash with ph neutral shampoo threw a lance with a bucket of fresh clean water and a fresh microfiber mitt
  • rinsed
  • wheels and wheel arches thoroughly cleaned
  •  dried using luxury non-scratch towels
  • tar spots safely removed
  • resin hand polish applied
  • exhaust tips polished
  •  trims cleaned and dressed
  • tires dressed
  • glass gets cleaned
  • glass treated with a rain repellent
  • wiped over with final detailer to finish



Full interior vacuum, carpets and upholstery extraction cleaned.

stain removal of seats, leather washed and conditioned, floor mats restored, windows cleaned, dashboard and plastic trims cleaned and polished.

door and boot shuts cleaned and dressed, rubbish removed, fully de-odourised.


This option is for those who just want a quick wax over the vehicle whether its to just give that bit of extra shine or even to top up a previous wax package you may have had. The wax used has a very high carnauba wax percentage so you are guaranteed a good shine.

  • iron and tar contamination  removed using iron out and tar spot remover
  • wheels and arches cleaned using a citrus grime remover from auto finesse
  • vehicle rinsed to remove loose dirt
  • door and boot shuts are then sprayed with a safe degreaser to remove any dirt
  • ph neutral snow foam pre-wash
  • rinsed
  • vehicle washed using shampoo in a lance along with a clean bucket of water and a microfibre wash mitt
  • rinsed
  • vehicle dried using a soft plush microfibre drying towel
  • the vehicle receives a coating of auto finesse glaze to help visual enhancement
  • glaze gets buffed off
  • coat of wax gets hand buffed on
  • wax gets buffed off leaving the vehicle protected for 2-3 months
  • a final wipe down with auto finesse quick detailer

The final price for this service will be agreed upon once a vehicle inspection has been carried out

The usual price for this package from £50

Prices are vehicle size dependant


This is the ultimate care for your soft top coverable

Even if you have a brand new car the material top may not be waterproof so with this package you can be sure that your coverable top won’t go green. Maybe its already green and you want it back like new again well that not a problem see below and you can see the stages involved

  • The material gets a soft pre-wash with warm water to loosen up the surface dirt
  • The soft top is then heavily saturated in a special soft top cleaner
  • The cleaner gets scrubbed into the material
  • Left to soak
  • Rinsed out with a light amount of water pressure
  • These processes are repeated until the material is completely clear of dirt and debris
  • The material left to dry but still moist
  • The protector is now applied with a light mist
  • Gently brushed in until complete coverage has been achieved
  • wheels cleaned with wheel safe ph neutral cleaners and various soft brushes
  • iron and tar contamination safely removed using chemicals
  • wheels and arches cleaned using verso APC
  • vehicle rinsed to remove loose dirt
  • door and boot shuts soaked in APC
  • snow foam pre-wash
  • delicate areas such and badges cleaned with detailing brushes
  • rinsed
  • vehicle washed using safe wash method and a microfibre wash mitt
  • rinsed
  • vehicle dried with air blowers and a plush microfiber towel

To finish:

  • a final wipe down with auto finesse quick detailer

The final price for this service will be agreed upon once a vehicle inspection has been carried out

contact us for more price information

Prices are vehicle size dependant