Ceramic Coatings

New car ceramic coatings in Bristol

standard coating package.

  • all prep work to be carried out. (decontamination stages, paint correction)
  • base coat applied (optional extra)
  • ceramic application
  • ultra glass protection
  •  alloy wheel sealed (face only / dependant on alloys)
  • interior detail
  • interior glass
  • tire and rubber restorer

optional extras for the standard package.

+ interior sealant (carpets)

+base coat 1 layer (extended durability & performance, extremely dense/hard )

+ upgrade to HD ceramic ( offers a more durable, harder, chemical resistant, denser, harder wearing, added gloss )

+ take the wheels off and ceramic the inner drum of the alloy (easy to clean & harder for contaminants to stick)


please call or email for further information or prices.


ultra protection package


  • all prep work and decontamination stages, paint correction
  • glass polished
  • base coat applied (extended durability & performance, extremely dense/hard )
  • HD ceramic coating ( offers a more durable, harder, chemical resistant, denser, harder wearing, added gloss )
  • glass ultra coating
  • alloy wheel coatings
  • interior detail
  • interior glass
  • textile and leather sealant
  • spray sealant applied for added protection

please call for further details or more information.


used car ceramic coatings


the same procedures apply as seen above. there will be an increase in price as the paintwork will require an extra amount of work to get the paint condition up to a suitable standard.

shown below you can see all the information on the coatings this should answer any question and bring you up to date with the current coatings.

if you still require any information or have any questions please feel free to contact us

Ceramic Coatings and why they’re a must.

How important is coating your car?

The perfect shine is the Holy Grail of the appearance of the automotive industry. For over a century, professionals have sought a magical solution ― a bullish, long-lasting shine product that will repel dirt, environmental contaminants, and rain our ceramic coating will also help to resist light damage from bushes and light abrasion. so the vehicle has the best available protection on the market. Some even looked for a product that would uphold a new car shine without waxing. Which builds up on your paint and makes it cloudy or excess buffing which over time threatens the clear coat.

What are the benefits of a Ceramic Coating?

Gloss Protection

– The Ceramic coating itself will not enhance the gloss. This is why professionals like ourselves must correct the paint first. As this coating will not cover up any damage. It is purely a protective and extremely hydrophobic coating that will stop paint fade and light damage along with all road contaminants.

Anti-scratch property’s

– The products we use boast an impressive 9H on the hardness scale as seen in the graph below. A diamond has a hardness rating of 10H this coating is super hard to protect your paint from scratches acid etching and even graffiti wipes straight off with no damage left behind.


– Nothing is self-cleaning and its a very bold claim.

This sealant we offer is extremely hydrophobic meaning it naturally repels water and any contaminants.

Shown in the image below those are water droplets and they are being repelled by the coating which is why the water is shaped into droplets.

Image result for hydrophobic meaning

easy to maintain

-this coating is extremely easy to maintain. Simply because nothing will stick to it.

Meaning in between your maintenance washes. ( these are very important if you wish to receive the full lifetime of the coating) you can simply jet wash the dirt off and it will look great again.

won’t just wash away

–  with a ceramic coating, it won’t just wash away like most other protectants.

Even wax can be removed with bad wash techniques. But this is not the case with a ceramic coating as the chemical actually bonds with the paint itself on a molecular level.

To ensure great results for years to come also enabling the coating to shrug off any chemicals ranging from pH2 to pH12.

temperature resistant

–  unlike the wax, the ceramic coating can resist temperatures as low -40°to as high as +250 °.

we actually tried this on a test panel with a blowtorch and after 5 seconds of direct heat onto the unprotected paint it burnt the paint back to bare metal.

whereas with the ceramic, it leaves no damage behind.

rust protection

– Its simple as the water and contaminants cannot reach the paint it won’t rust.

extremely long life

– we are proud to say we will guarantee the life of your coating for 5 years. Where as wax packages will last for a maximum of one year so over the life of the sealants it is cheaper to get the ceramic coating.